Writing and Editing

  • Science writing
  • Medical writing
  • Developmental editing
  • Substantive editing
  • Copyediting

Document Design

  • Graphic design
  • Reformatting
  • Template design

Writing and editing

Every document has a job to do, be it to inform, teach, or convince its readers. At JS Communication Consulting, it’s our business to make sure documents do their jobs. We offer a variety of services to ensure our clients’ goals are met. For information on solutions we have provided for specific clients, please visit Sample Projects.


We rewrite client source materials and work with subject matter experts to turn institutional knowledge into written content. We also independently research and write new content. We tailor our solution to meet each client’s needs. Press releases, news and feature articles, and reports are some of the kinds of documents we write.

Developmental editing

Clients sometimes approach us before writing has begun on a project. Working with the writer or writers, we determine the client’s goals for the document. We figure out what information is most useful for the document and package it effectively through a clear, logical structure. We coordinate responses for documents that require input from multiple authors and ensure documents have a unified look and feel.

Substantive editing

Clients often have an existing draft or a document they’ve been using for limited purposes. They know it’s not working, but don’t know why. We identify the big-picture problems and solve them. This may mean restructuring to give the document a clear focus, adding additional information, or rewriting sentences and paragraphs to make them clear.


Many documents are written by several authors who make different style choices. Some might uppercase the name of the project or use an acronym rather than the full name. Others might use different terms when referring to the same project or concept. The result is a document that appears disorganized and unprofessional. We provide copyediting services to ensure sentence-level consistency throughout.

Document design

Documents look better when they’re professionally designed. We format documents and design templates to make sure work looks professional. We provide services in Microsoft Word and InDesign.

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—Jeremy CantorProgram Manager, Prevention Institute